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About us.

Since our creation in 2013, our main objective is the treatment of wastewater. The commitment, satisfaction and trust of our Clients are the keys to be excellent in our work, acting in a manner that respects the environment.

We start from a Society whose history begins in 1986, which encompassed the entire set of products and services in the purification of water. The new situation of commerce, has forced to reinvent the commercial strategy creating new objectives, becoming specialists in this know-how being more agile, versatile and diverse.

In Assainissement Technique International, S.L. (ATI.IN, S.L.), we are dedicated to the commercialization, supply and installation of equipment and components of wastewater treatments plants, both for the municipal and industrial sectors, as in instrumentation and industrial equipment for WWTP, products and equipment laboratory for the analysis of water, the distribution of plastic media (for trickling filters, for lamellar decanters, cooling towers, etc.), rotary distributors designed to make a uniform distribution of water on the surface of the bacterial bed and also the commercialization of Microcat® biological products for different treatments.

We provide water storage solutions with the manufacture of tanks, structures, steel vitrified tanks, stainless, galvanized, polyester and fiberglass.

Our business vocation is universal, being able to serve markets in any European country, America and emerging countries of Southeast Asia or Africa.

Location: The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Terrassa, northwest of Barcelona (Catalonia (Spain)). We are connected with the world in only 30 km. from the Seaport of Barcelona, ​​one of the most important in the Mediterranean and 40 km. away from the International Airport of Barcelona.

In this new stage, we continue in collaboration with several universities working together on innovation and application projects, especially in the industrial sector.

To achieve our goal of leadership in our market segment, we seek to share synergies with other companies to complement the application of our products and services.